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Construction Chamber: Over GH¢2 Billion Required to Repair Ghana’s Deteriorating Roads



Construction Chamber: Over GH¢2 Billion Required to Repair Ghana’s Deteriorating Roads

The Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry (GhCCI) has highlighted the need for a substantial investment of at least GH¢2 billion to address the challenges facing the road sector in the country. According to Emmanuel Cherry, the CEO of the Chamber, the GH¢150 million allocated by the government for nationwide pothole patching is inadequate given the magnitude of the issues at hand.

Cherry emphasized that years of neglect have resulted in deteriorating road conditions, with potholes now resembling manholes. He pointed out that the cost of materials essential for road maintenance has risen significantly, making the previously allocated funds insufficient to address the current state of roads.

Speaking on the need for increased funding, Cherry stated, “You don’t need anything less than GH¢2 billion as we speak because the entire roads in the country have been neglected for years and then the potholes have now degenerated into manholes…”

In addition to advocating for increased funding, Cherry criticized the former Minister of Roads and Highways, Kwasi Amoako Atta, for what he perceived as a lack of transparency and limited consultations when making decisions. He contrasted Atta’s approach with that of his predecessor, highlighting the importance of open communication and soliciting ideas from various stakeholders in the industry.

Cherry’s remarks underscore the pressing need for significant investment and transparent decision-making processes to address the challenges facing Ghana’s road sector and ensure the delivery of quality infrastructure for citizens.

Source: ghmediahub

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