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Police arrest 22-year-old houseboy who killed his madam a month after being employed



Police arrest 22-year-old houseboy who killed his madam a month after being employed

Police have managed to arrest a 22-year-old houseboy who killed his boss, a businesswoman just about a month after being employed.

On Friday, September 8, 2023, John Allister, the primary suspect, is suspected of committing the crime at Sokoban, a Kumasi suburb. According to reports, he stabbed Efia Ahenkan, also known as Princess Efia, who also happens to be the wife of Reverend Osei Kofi’s son who lives in London, United Kingdom.

According to reports, Allister fled the crime scene with the deceased’s car and a number of other possessions, including her phone, which he allegedly used to pretend to be the deceased while sending texts to her friends and close contacts.

On September 14, 2023, sportscaster Dan Kwaku Yeboah made the fatal incident public.

“The family of Reverend Osei Kofi is in deep sorrow now because the wife of his London-based son has been killed. The man wanted his wife to have the freedom to undertake her business activities so recruited a house help through an agency.

“The name of the house help was John Allister and he was paying him through the agency. On Friday, she was having a conversation with her friend when the said friend heard her scream that she has been stabbed. The phone went dead and her number went off so the following day the friend sent a police team to the house in Kumasi.

“Upon getting to the house, they realized that the dog in the house had been released and the body of the lady was lying in the garage. The car in the garage had been driven away by the house help,” Dan Kwaku Yeboah disclosed.

Samson Kwame Nyamekye, the Ashanti regional correspondent for Peace FM, confirmed the arrest on September 14, 2023 during the Evening News broadcast.

“The police really struggled before they were able to go to the house and retrieve the deceased, but I can confirm to Peace News that there is good news that John Allister has been arrested by the police this afternoon, and he is in police custody, assisting in investigations,” Nyamekye reported.

In a social media video, John Allister is seen being questioned by an unidentified person regarding the whereabouts of the stolen goods.

The suspect then admits that everything he took from the deceased’s home has been sold, and since he knows the buyer’s contact information, he agrees to accompany the interrogator to the buyer.


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