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Man nabbed after allegedly beheading landlord in Bia West.



Man nabbed after allegedly beheading landlord in Bia West.

In the farming community of Yaw Anane, which is located in the Bia West District of the Western North Region, a man who is thought to be in his late 40s is accused of beheading his landlord.

According to Augustine Bediako, the assemblyman for Nafana Electoral Area, who confirmed the tragic incident to Onua FM’s Emmanuel Sowah, both the victim and suspect are farmers, however, it was the victim, named as Kwasi Antoh, 60, who owned the farm and the suspect, Yaw Wotoro, was the farm keeper.

The assemblyman claimed that when Kwasi Antoh visited his property, he was dissatisfied with the condition of the land.

He said that other farm cultural activities, such as pruning, and the clearing of weeds on the farm, had not been carried out.

He thereafter grumbled vehemently.

The farm keeper was upset by the landlord’s vitriol, and there were additional worries that he had been “chasing” his 19-year-old daughter across the village.

Yaw Wotoro, the suspect, became enraged and rushed away after slashing his landlord’s neck with a cutlass at the back of his home.

But after a thorough search and investigation, he was eventually captured by community members.

The Assemblyman used the occasion to urge the locals to report any incidence of this sort to them or the police.

At the moment, the suspect is being held by police in the Bia West District’s Akatiso.


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