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Governor Addison must appear before Parliament – Ashaiman MP.



Governor Addison must appear before Parliament – Ashaiman MP.

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) claims that it did not violate the procurement laws concerning the new headquarters building, but according to Ashaiman’s member of parliament, Ernest Norgbey, this is untrue.

The member charged Governor Dr. Ernest Addison to reconsider and take into consideration the option presented to him by the minority and resign since the documents he has intercepted do not match the procurement standards in the public procurement legislation.

The development of the new headquarters facility did not violate any procurement laws, according to Dr. Addison’s Monday statement.

The MP disputes this, claiming that intercepted purchase documents reveal differently and pointing out that even the single source procurement for project management services does not qualify under the single source procurement technique.

Do we wish to claim that Ghana has just one project management service or manager? No. He told TV3’s Evelyn Tengmaa, “We have a lot so you cannot engage under that requirement, single procurement requirement in that aspect.”

He said, “With restricted tendering, you are merely inviting a select few companies to submit applications and proposals…Considering that we are discussing 81 million dollars in this instance, it is well above the cutoff. The Bank of Ghana was permitted by the PPA to request proposals from 5 companies. The Public Procurement Act contradicts that.

“If 81 million dollars are at stake, it is preferable to open, make an open competitive tendering for more companies to apply so that you can get value for money, make judicious use of state resources as stated in the law, section 2 of the public procurement act…so therefore, I have seen it as a blatant violation of the law,” the commenter said. So, if the head of the Ghanaian central bank claims that none of those rules were broken, I respectfully disagree.

Because the central tender review committee lacks the authority to ratify contracts under section 20(f) of the PPA, they moved to the central tender committee once more for evaluation when you had already begun your engagement.

Mr. Norgbey added that even as they look into other ways of handling the situation, Ghanaians demand a better explanation from the Bank of Ghana.

”The minority is calling for the resignation of the governor, and he should reconsider and realign himself.

He should not still be in the situation he is in as we speak, and we have lost some money as a result.

“We may not declare we will appear in court right now, but inquiries will be made on the property.

The BoG Governor must go before Parliament to respond to inquiries on the restrictions placed on this particular office.


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