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Investment is risk-taking, as govt when we invest in Eurobonds and we lose we don’t complain – Finance Minister



Investment is risk-taking, as govt when we invest in Eurobonds and we lose we don’t complain – Finance Minister

Finance Minister Dr Mohammed Amin Adam has said that it is important for all persons to acknowledge that investment is about risk-taking.

Whatever the results of the investment, whether loss or gain, the individual investors must be prepared to take responsibility for their decisions and not blame it on others.

Even as a government, he said, when they invest in Eurobonds and sometimes lose because of market volatility they do not go about blaming Britain or America but take full responsibility.

Dr Amin Adam said this while cautioning the general public to seek investment advice from financial analysts before they decide to invest in bonds or instruments.

He says that the government will not take responsibility for the investment decisions of individuals.

He said these after indicating that an amount of GHS1.5 billion will be released to compensate people affected by the banking sector cleanup exercise from now to October.

He says although the government is not responsible for the investment decisions of individuals, it is a caring government hence the decision to earmark the 1.5 billion to compensate them.

Answering questions during a town hall meeting in the United Kingdom over the weekend, he said ” The question on the money locked out, we are going to pay. We do not take responsibility as a government because when people decide to invest in one bond or one instrument or another government is not consulted, it is an individual decision and when you are investing you know you can make your returns or you can also lose.

“Even, as a government when we invest in euro bonds the market is volatile, we lose, we gain and when we lose we don’t blame America or Britain for losing, we are advised before we invest so it is important for us to establish that foundation that the government will not be held responsible for the investment decisions of individuals but this government is so caring.

“Mistakes were made and people were not well-informed, maybe they didn’t know who to consult to be advised, but we also know that the people who are affected are suffering, and we have heard that some people have died and others had to commit suicide.

“This government is so caring that in the first place, we granted some bailout to all the affected and I want to tell you again that the President has directed that we do another bailout.

“So between now and October, we will release 1.5 billion Ghana Cedis to the affected people,” he said.

He added “This will not be the entire amount, the entire amount is GHS4billion but we are showing the roadmap, we will do the GHS1.5billion and Insha Allah Dr Bawumia will come as the president and we will do the rest but as we do this we will also be cautioning you that just as we have responsible banks we also have bad banks, you will say that the regulators must ensure we don’t have bad banks but in every house there is a Mensah, so we also have to watch out, let’s study them, let’s assess them, seek advise of financial advisors before we decide where we invest and how much to invest.”

Source: 3news