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Prof Agyei Frimpong Advocates for Investment in Agriculture Over Beauty Pageants



Prof Agyei Frimpong Advocates for Investment in Agriculture Over Beauty Pageants

Prof Kwame Agyei Frimpong, an Associate Professor of Soil Fertility at the University of Cape Coast (UCC), voiced his concerns about the lack of investments in Ghana’s agricultural sector. He criticized the significant investments directed towards beauty pageants and musical concerts, benefiting only a few individuals, and urged Ghanaians to prioritize investment in agriculture.

Speaking at ‘The Swedru Conversations’ event themed ‘Feeding Ourselves as a Nation,’ Prof Agyei Frimpong emphasized the need to rebrand agriculture as a profitable and sustainable business. He highlighted the importance of viewing agriculture from a value chain perspective and stressed the necessity of developing infrastructure for distribution and storage to address the challenges of seasonal glut and scarcity.

Expressing disappointment at the comparatively low attendance at agricultural events compared to entertainment events, Prof Agyei Frimpong urged for a shift in mindset towards agriculture. He underscored the need for increased support for individuals in the agricultural value chain and encouraged more youth to venture into agriculture, emphasizing the abundance of job opportunities in the sector.

Additionally, Prof Agyei Frimpong called on the government to prioritize agricultural training alongside STEM education, asserting that agriculture offers equal or even better opportunities compared to other professions. He urged Ghanaians to recognize the potential of agriculture and invest in its development for the benefit of the nation.

Source: ghmediahub

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