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Nigerian influencer Austa killed by boyfriend.



Nigerian influencer Austa killed by boyfriend.

Augusta Osedion, popularly known as Austa, was a famous Nigerian influencer assassinated by her partner Benjamin Best, also known as Killaboi.

Best admitted to the slaying on his Instagram profile and said that he “mistakenly stabbed” Osedion during a dispute.

He claimed that after fleeing the scene, he became suicidal.

In Lagos, in Best’s flat, her body was discovered. Even though police are investigating the murder, no charges have been brought.

Austa was a well-known Instagram influencer with more than 100,000 followers.

She was well-known for leading an opulent lifestyle and blogging about travel, beauty, and fashion.

Her fans and supporters are devastated and stunned by her passing. Many people have expressed sympathy and condemned violence against women on social media.


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