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I gained nothing after all my hard work & loyalty to NPP – Agya Koo ‘weeps’ in pain



I gained nothing after all my hard work & loyalty to NPP – Agya Koo ‘weeps’ in pain

Popular movie star Alexander Kofi Adu, popularly known as Agya Koo who was one of the foremost celebrities who decided to throw their support behind the New Patriotic Party under Akufo-Addo has said after 3 years of NPP government, he has been abandoned.

Readers of will recall how prior to the 2016 election Agya Koo launched a movement to canvass votes for the New Patriotic Party dubbed ‘Agenda 57% for Akufo-Addo’.

At the launch of the movement in Kumasi at the time, Agya Koo said the harsh economic conditions in the country under John Mahama was what made it impossible for him to remain impartial about the leadership of the country; explaining that apart from being movie a star, he was a parent and as such conversant with fuel prices, the dollar and other commodities on the market and “how expensive it is to give your children quality in this country.”

“It is for this and other reasons I have decided to join the voice for change by declaring my support for the presidential candidate of the NPP, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo,” he said.

Three years on however, Agya Koo took his turn on Justice Annan’s the seat show on Net2 and lamented how he has been abandoned by the NPP after the 2016 victory.

Agya Koo said he knows he cannot sit an office to do any office work, but something can be done. He expressed regret that some people spread rumours about non-existent benefits they claim he got from the NPP government.

“Now it has gotten to the work, some of us we know cannot sit in the office. But where we have gotten to a point when some people should say ‘ooh this particular person, we have to reach out to him’”, recalling an experience he had with some MPs whom he campaigned for on the ground.

Agya Koo revealed anytime he travelled he encountered people who tell him he has been given contracts to haul cocoa, cement or fuel, which he says is not true.

“I hear people say Agya Koo has been given contract to haul cocoa. Cement and fuel… Especially when I reach London and other places, I hear them say Agya Koo you have this, Agya Koo you have that.. meanwhile I got nothing. That’s why I want to set the records straight. I got nothing. I don’t haul fuel. I don’t haul cocoa… I don’t haul cement as I sit with you here. If it is now they are going to give me, I don’t know, but as I sit here, I got nothing”. He lamented.


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