Being in the limelight not easy – Emelia Brobbey

Being in the limelight not easy – Emelia Brobbey

She has been in the public eye for years now and definitely knows all that comes with being famous but actress Emelia Brobbey says being in the limelight is no walk in the park.

Taking her turn on colleague actor Kwaku Manu’s Aggressive Interview show, Emelia made it clear that it was not easy being in the spotlight.

“The truth is that being in the limelight is not easy, the kind of things you hear and see, you need a big heart to endure them.

“There are times people will photoshop pictures to make you look bad and all. Sometimes I feel bad, especially when I see what they do to the presidents, the trolling etc they are just so bad and it makes me wonder if it can happen to me too,” she said.

When asked how she handles the negativity Emelia Brobbey, who has now gone into singing said, “I don’t pay attention to it if there is a need for me to respond to some I do but I do not wake up going round looking for who said what etc.

“An example is when I released my single, Fame K), I read a bad comment from one particular person and initially I wanted to respond but when I heard that the one who wrote it was actually a contestant on a particular talent show I just let it go.”

In an answer to whether she had encountered any challenges in the movie industry Emelia said no.

“Not really, I do not have any particular thing I can point out. From the beginning, it was not easy but today by God’s grace it is okay,” she said.


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