We got away with our foolishness because we had no phones to record it – Lydia Forson

We got away with our foolishness because we had no phones to record it – Lydia Forson

Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has reacted to issue regarding seven female students of Ejisuman Senior High School who were expelled from boarding over a controversial video they shared on social media.

In a video shared on her platform, the actress was not in support of the punishment meted out to the students.

Ms. Forson suggested parents and authorities should have a conversation with their wards about social media and its repercussions than to go hard on them.

Management of the school sacked seven of the female students involved in the video from its boarding facility after they were deemed to have engaged in activities that tarnished the school’s reputation.

Reacting to the punishment, Forson told critics to stop pretending as if they never indulged in all kinds of foolishness when they were also young.

She noted that the difference between the current generation and generation of old is social media.

Jumping to the defence of the seven SHS girls who have been sacked from the boarding house, Forson made reference to some despicable acts some individuals have done in the past but they didn’t have camera phones to record it and share on social media so they got away with it.

Read her post below.

Ok! Before y’all get in your feelings NOTE:

Their punishment isn’t what I’m talking about here- that was inevitable. It’s how you all are discussing this like it’s the end of the world, like you’ve not indulged in all kinds of foolishness as a teenager to fit in.

I’m realizing how very little these young people don’t know about the power of social media, and we’re not doing enough to educate them on this either.

Children of today… Things were different in our time. Every generation has had their children of today moments, don’t lie.

First of all, let’s stop with the pretence like we were perfect, all high and mighty and didn’t get into trouble.

You and I know, we were up to a whole lot of foolishness when we were younger. We didn’t think it was foolish then but now when we look back, it was very very dumb. We did a whole lot of things that we are not so proud of today.

The only difference between us and children of today is SOCIAL MEDIA. We didn’t have camera phones to record our foolishness so we got away with it. We didn’t have social media to post our foolishness on so there were no platforms to share them. All we had were the stories we shared with our friends.

We haven’t acknowledged how social media has changed everything. We aren’t able to have a very important conversation with children. We need to have a conversation about social media, we need to have a conversation about how easy it is for videos to get in the wrong hands and conversation for the fact that when things are put out there, it is there forever.

If we fail to have these conversations with them, we are just leaving them to mess up.

So, let’s get off our high horses for a minute. Then we can start to educate these children to understand how times have changed now, the power of the internet and how one silly moment can stick with you for life. Many of them don’t even know how far these videos can go.”

Source: kasapafmonline.com

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