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Make Ghana’s prostitutes ‘key stakeholders’ of ‘Beyond the Return’ initiative –Lutterodt advocates



Make Ghana’s prostitutes ‘key stakeholders’ of ‘Beyond the Return’ initiative –Lutterodt advocates

Controversial Counsellor George Cyril Lutterodt has urged the Akufo-Addo government to consider making Ghanaian prostitutes, especially those at Lapaz and its environs partners in Beyond the Return initiative.

Speaking on Daddi FM monitored by, the counselor said Ghanaian prostitutes’ contribution to the GDP of Ghana is being underestimated and they are “equally responsible members of the society like any profession”.

According to him, the Year of Return would have been a failure but for the role of these Ghanaian prostitutes who represented Ghana ‘sexually’ to the visitors, warning that the prostitutes be treated with respect, not disdain.

“We must stop talking about that noble profession like it is not nice. You think it is easy to be a prostitute?” He quizzed. “I will encourage government to make them key stakeholders in the Beyond the Return… You will see the success we will record.”

His advice follows move by the Ghana Tourism Authority, on behalf of the Government of Ghana, and Event Horizon, Organisers of the Afro-Nation Festival to host to “the biggest urban music beach festival in the world” for the next five years as part of the Beyond the Return

Beyond the Return” is a follow-up to the successful Year of Return, Ghana 2019’ campaign which commemorated the 400th Anniversary of the arrival of the first recorded enslaved Africans in Jamestown Virginia in 1619.

The landmark campaign also celebrated the resilience of the African over the past 400 years and welcomed all people of African origin to return to Africa especially Ghana.


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