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I won’t investigate galamsey excavator corruption – Amidu tells ASEPA



I won’t investigate galamsey excavator corruption – Amidu tells ASEPA

The Office of the Special Prosecutor has declined to investigate allegations of corruption and thievery in connection with the fight against illegal mining (galamsey) which recently became topical, once again, following the disappearance of some seized galamsey excvators.

The Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) petitioned the Special Prosecutor’s office to probe all forms of alleged corrupt practices hindering the galamsey fight.

But a letter responding to ASEPA’s petition from Mr Amidu’s office explained that the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service, is already handling the issue.

The letter, signed by Mr Amidu, said: “The CID of the Ghana Police Service had already commenced investigations into the matter referred to you in your letter long before you submitted your letter to this office. In those circumstances, it would not have been in the interest of safeguarding the public purse for this office to refer to its Investigative Division the same matters for investigation concurrently, even if your complaint fell within the mandate of this office”.

The CID  has arrested six persons and investigating them over the missing excavators.


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