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Manual passport no more, fully new online application starts today



Manual passport no more, fully new online application starts today

From today 1 March, 2020, Manual Passport Application platform ceases.

However, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Online Passport Application is now available at all Passport Application Centres (PACs).

Applicants are therefore advised to use the new portal ( to submit their applications.

The latest arrangement is seen as an improvement of the 2018 framework which made the acquisition of passport application forms free. Passport applicants at the time had to download a PDF format of the passport application form from the Ministry’s website. 

However, per the new online Passport Application module, applicants are expected to create a new user account with Login details to start the process.

Upon completion of all details on the form, the applicant would then be allowed to book a preferred date to go to the Passport Application Center for the verification of documents and to pave way for biometric details (i.e. photograph and fingerprints) of the applicant to be captured.

Also, Premium Passport Application Centers will have the option for courier delivery.

The ministry further explains in the statement that “the measure will enhance service delivery to the Ghanaian public. The Ministry added that it “counts on the usual cooperation of Passport Applicants”.


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