I’m a horse in bed, ladies fought over my magic stick – Eddie Nartey

I’m a horse in bed, ladies fought over my magic stick – Eddie Nartey

34-year-old film director Eddie Nartey has confirmed reports he was stabbed in 2012 by his then girlfriend after she caught him in bed with another lady.

The product of University of Ghana in an interview with Delay seemed coy when the host sought a confirmation of the matter which was a follow-up to whether or not the incident suggests he is strong in bed.

“Yeah [I’m strong in bed],” he responded in the affirmative and topped it up with “verily” when the question was asked again for the purpose of emphasis.

Recounting how he was stabbed, Mr. Nartey said he took a lady home from an event after his Nigerian girlfriend angrily left the venue. The filmmaker who married in September 2018 said at the time, he was young and having fun.

“I attended an event with her, something happened, she got angry and left. I stayed to have fun,” he recalled. “After the event, she came home and met the girl. It was wicked and wild. She vandalized almost everything in my room. She starved me with a louver blade but that was unintentional. It was out of anger.”

Asked why he did not marry the Nigerian, Nartey said the relationship was crippled by the incident.

“From that time, the relationship wasn’t stable,” he mentioned.

Source: ghanaweb.com

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