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My ex-husband was a cleaner – Afia Schwarzenegger



My ex-husband was a cleaner – Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger appeared on the new season of Joselyn Dumas’ “Keeping It Real” show and she kept it real, opening up on matters of her private life that is not publicly known.

During her emotional conversation with Miss Dumas, Afia Schwarzenegger recounted how after a painful surgery in South Africa, she was leaving with a brother whom Abrokwah comes to clean his house and drive him to work.

“Lawrence will come and clean the house and ago, my brother is married to a Twana lady and they are very lazy and my sister-in-law will sit down like, won’t you wash the dishes, no Lawrence will come and wash it,” she said.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, her multiple surgeries left her bedridden for 6 months and at a appoint, she was becoming a burden to her brother, therefore she decided with him, to go and live with Abrokwah after he (Abrokwah) guaranteed to give her good care at his flat.

“He suggested he got a flat and I will quote him, he said “my flat won’t be up to your standard, I don’t have DSTV … but I can give you the proper care when you are with me”. Joselyn asked what kind of care and heard her say that “it was a care of put me in my wheelchair and push me to the toilet”.

Detailing why she needed that intensive care, Afia revealed that she had eight surgeries for a Kidney stones medical case and fibroadenoma, which its treatment had two of her breasts slashed. Hear more from her in the interview below.

Background: Afia Schwarzenegger and Lawrence Abrokwah got married in 2016 but the marriage broke down after Abrokwah caught her in bed with another man. The couple battled their issues in court and recently, Afia was granted divorce.


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