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UG Suspends Lectures Over COVID-19



UG Suspends Lectures Over COVID-19

The University of Ghana (UG) has suspended lectures over a confirmed case of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to the University in a statement, an imported case of COVID-19 infection has been identified at the University of Ghana involving one of its non-resident students who returned to Ghana from an international trip.

Consequently, it said, the University is updating its COVID-19 preparedness and response communique with additional recommendations in this release.

“We wish to assure the University community that these measures are preventive and precautionary. The risk of COVID-19 infection to individuals in our community remains very low,” the statement noted.

The measures outlined below will be periodically modified to keep up with evolving trends of the pandemic, it said.

Updated Measures

“Lectures on all University of Ghana campuses, including clinicals and practicals, are suspended with immediate effect,” according to the press statement.

“In view of the suspension of lectures, students and staff who reside outside UG campuses and are currently off campus should keep away from the campuses until they are asked to return. Staff providing essential services are excluded from this directive.

  1. The University Basic Schools and the Baby Nest Creche on Legon Campus are to be closed down until further notice.
  2. The University will not be closed down until contact tracing has been effectively completed. Students and staff who reside on campuses of the University are therefore urged to remain on the campuse,” it added.

The statement indicated that “Those who may have the infection and leave campus are likely to spread the virus.

  1. The University of Ghana Emergency Response Team (UG ERT) has linked up with the national contact tracing team to enhance efforts.”

“Social gatherings, religious services and sporting activities on the University campuses have already been suspended and the suspension will continue to be in force.”

source: DGN

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