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God punish all of you – Prince David Osei curses, exposes groupies



God punish all of you – Prince David Osei curses, exposes groupies

Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei has finally spoken following an allegation that he requested for nude photos from ladies on Instagram.

And to prove that his hands are clean, he came out with a brutal response.

Last week, Prince David, 34, who is married, was accused of being unfaithful after screenshots of a conversation the actor had with some ladies were leaked online.

One of the leaked chats revealed the actor asked a lady to send him a nude photo but she was in doubt so she asked him to video call her to see for himself instead of the photos.

Prince had debunked the accusations by saying he was in Dubai at the time of the conversation with her.

But this time, he comes with a ‘no mercy for the cripple’ approach, cursing groupies who have been all over him and ‘tempting’ him in his Instagram DM.

He described the groupies as ‘daughters of evil’, adding that the screenshots which were previously shared were doctored.

He cursed the groupies and said ‘God will punish all of you’.

She shared a screenshot of one of the groupies in her DM with the caption: “Daughters of Evil ..This how they start the next thing, they will doctor a screenshot and say I asked for their moda and father..God punish all of you, evil demons sent against me.”


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