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Coronavirus tweet gone wrong – Wendy Shay trolled on social media



Coronavirus tweet gone wrong – Wendy Shay trolled on social media

The ‘Steve Wonder’ crooner is a ‘trender’, trending for the good, bad and the ugly. Wendy Shay is increasingly becoming popular for her interviews and peculiar tweets that most often than not, set social media ablaze.

From the ‘Ghana wake up’ tweet, to the ‘ancient of days’ goof, to her most recent, a tweet on the fast-spreading coronavirus disease, the Rufftown records appears to have established her ‘brand’.
She appears to have nudged tweeps with her latest post about coronavirus and the need to stay safe.

“I’m still hotter than Coronavirus…damn, wetin Corona dey figa…,” she wrote.

And ‘hot’ she was, after many tweeps took to the platform to express their anger and disappointment about the seemingly jovial tweet about the rather serious pandemic which has affected the world massively.

Shots from all corners were fired at her, questioning the rationale behind her post, especially at a time where there is so much concern about the severity of the situation in the face of some 7 confirmed cases in Ghana.

‘wahu s3 wabon’ (to wit, you see how dumb you are)….corona cant even withstand heat but you are here claiming you are hotter than it. Wendy Shay, wake up ooo, yoo,” one tweep wrote.

“How do you politely tell someone they don’t have sense?”, another said, in a retweet.

“Coronavirus isn’t hot wai, it’s a cold virus na wopre dodo”, yet another tweet read.

Meanwhile Wendy Shay, in the same post, preached safety for all her fans.

“…for real, ShayGangsters, abeg Stay Safe..I can’t afford to lose any of you..Y’all mean so much to me,” she further wrote.


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