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‘Even India with more poor people than Ghana have locked-down’ – Nana Akomeah calls for a lockdown



‘Even India with more poor people than Ghana have locked-down’ – Nana Akomeah calls for a lockdown

A former Communications Director for the New Patriotic Party, Nana Akomeah has called on the government to lockdown Ghana to avoid death of thousands of people like other countries are experiencing, can report.

Several Ghanaians have argued that a number of people in the country are poor and that a total lock-down of the country will be perilous to the homeless people.

But in a Facebook post addressing the issue of a lockdown, Nana Akomeah argued that even India that has more poor people than Ghana has lock-down the country to save the masses and therefore Ghana has no excuse.

He mentioned that it’s better to save lives at this early stage than play around and put the lives of people in danger.

His post sighted by read “I am convinced beyond doubt that a shutdown/lockdown/curfew should happen very quickly to save ourselves from thousands of coronavirus infections and hundreds of deaths.

Over 700 people died in one day in Spain. The discussion in this country over the next few days should be about how we can implement the lockdown, looking at other countries’ experiences that are working and adapting to our circumstances. India, with much more poor people than Ghana, is doing just that Perhaps, we can consider a pattern of six-day lockdown followed by partial opening on the seventh, over a month-long period”.

Ghana as of March 26 had recorded 132 cases of COVID-19 with 3 deaths.

There have been calls on government to lock-down to prevent the virus from spreading and killing people in the country. The President has said he’s currently consulting stakeholders on the next decision to take and if there’s the need for a lock-down, it will be communicated to the people of Ghana.


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