The lockdown will be effective if govt sends MoMo to everyone for food – Ian Wordi

The lockdown will be effective if govt sends MoMo to everyone for food – Ian Wordi

Ghanaian actor, Ian Wordi has suggested that the two-weeks lockdown declared by the Government of Ghana as part of its fight against Coronavirus will only be effective if they send mobile money to all to buy food while at home.

Ian Wordi, who is currently trapped in Nigeria due to the border closure believes many lives will be affected if the President doesn’t take the appropriate measures.

“I think the government shouldn’t lockdown the country without providing measures to feed the people,” he said. “Ghana is a country where a few percentages live on the street and in slums. A lockdown will never be possible until there are measures put in place. For instance, everyone should be given an amount of money via their mobile money accounts so that they can pay for things and take care of themselves before the lockdown. Because in Ghana, a lot of us do hand-to-mouth so if they lockdown, how are they going to get money to buy food?” he stated.

He admitted that the lockdown is necessary, however, he believes people will die if the measure he suggested is not put in place.

“Lockdown is needed but I don’t think it would be effective. People will die. The lockdown won’t work. We have people on the street who depend on the street to make money. Take places like Nima and Maamobi, who can force them to stay indoors? It can work in Trasaco and East Legon. I don’t think it will work in certain areas.”

He made this statement during a live Instagram post.


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