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Coronavirus has exposed fake prophets in Ghana – Diana Asamoah



Coronavirus has exposed fake prophets in Ghana – Diana Asamoah

Gospel musician Evangelist Diana Asamoah has opined that the outbreak of the coronavirus has exposed the so-called prophets of God.

The musician told Fiifi Pratt on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that, the virus has given us an opportunity to see how fake some of the prophets we have in the country are.

She said, ”this is the time we need the so-called prophets. Those who sell koko and gives the weirdest directions are needed. This is the time we need those who walk on dust and ask their members to mix it water and drink. The outbreak has exposed the prophets. I am not going to mention names but the fake ones know themselves.”

To her, the outbreak has stopped the fake prophets from taking advantage of their members.

She said, ”there are prophets who sell orange and all manner of things in the name of prophetic directions. They are all silent now.”

She has therefore asked Ghanaians to learn their lessons and separate the fake men of God from the genuine ones.

Diana Asamoah also asked churches to lend a helping hand to the vulnerable.

“This is the time the church must support the poor. Any church that fails to support the poor in the face of the outbreak should be boycotted”, she stated.


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