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Gov’t Absorbs Electricity Bills



Gov’t Absorbs Electricity Bills

Government has decided to absorb the electricity bills of Ghanaians for the next three months.

Electricity bills for lower consumption especially for the poor is being absorbed by the government for the next three months starting from April while in the same period half of the bills for high consumption will also be paid by the government.

In his 6th national broadcast since the outbreak of the corona virus, President Akufo-Addo President Akufo Addo said government decision to fully absorb electricity bill for the poor for the next three months is to lesson the burden of the people.

He said the March 2020 bill would be used as benchmark for those who are supposed to pay half of the electricity bills.

This is expected to provide some relief for Ghanaians and ensure that industries remain in business

He however urged Ghanaians to exercise proper discretion in the use of water and electricity.

source: DGN

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