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I was ‘misled’ by the Holy Spirit to announce March 27 Coronavirus deadline – TB Joshua



I was ‘misled’ by the Holy Spirit to announce March 27 Coronavirus deadline – TB Joshua

Popular Nigerian Man of God Prophet TB Joshua has said he was misled by the holy spirit to make a prophecy about the Coronavirus pandemic.

The man of God who has come under attack from around the world for making a “false” prophecy that the coronavirus would end on 27 March has now come up with an explanation.

According to him, when he said the virus would end, he wasn’t talking about throughout the world – he was only talking about Wuhan in China, where the virus first began.

On Sunday, the Nigerian prophet had an exclusive interview with Emmanuel TV and responded to questions sent from all over the world.

He said he was led by the Holy Spirit “I am not a politician, I just have to give you the message as the Spirit gave it to me,” he said. He said world leaders and scientists keep promoting fear and panic.

“They know what they have done. Now innocent people are dying, especially the elderly. We can’t go near them because of fear and panic. Nothing is worth the blood of innocent people. There is no acceptable excuse for doing this,” said Joshua

In February last year, Joshua for the first time prophesied to his congregation that there will be a time where there will be no church service and his followers will listen to his preaching through TV.

He said he could do nothing to stop it. ‘We prayed to know God’s opinion but it was unchangeable. The whole thing was unchangeable. I am just a servant,” he said.


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