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I’ve disappointed God if I fail my constituents – Dumelo



I’ve disappointed God if I fail my constituents – Dumelo

Actor John Dunelo has finally responded to Samini after the Dancehall artiste in a tweet called on him not to disappoint the youth who have reposed much confidence in him to become a lawmaker

Speaking on Accra-based Accra-FM monitored by, the actor cum politician said he is vying for the Parliamentary role not to satisfy his parochial interest but the interest of his constituents.

He said he does not intend disappointing them because if he does, it will mean disappointing God.

John Dumelo who is the National Democratic Congress(NDC’s) ’Parliamentary Candidate for the Ayawaso West Wugon Constituency during the interview noted that there are claims that all politicians are the same but promised that he is different and will not follow the bandwagon.

He said “That’s what I keep telling people; when they say: ‘Politicians are the same, when John goes there, that’s what he will do, too’, I always tell them that: ‘Look, if I fail the people, I’ve failed God, that’s the truth of the matter’.

“So, I can’t be a Member of Parliament and fail then that means that my whole political life span is a good four years. We all know that every politician or anybody who wants to be a member of parliament wants to do 8 years so that he knows that, yes, he also came to serve people. And, so, I’m looking at the future of being in politics and, so, I’m not here to fail; I’m here to serve humanity and let everybody have a prosperous life.” 

He added further that “I’m appreciative of what he [Samini] has said and I think for me, it’s a complement. I just hope and pray that, the thing, I can’t do it all alone; for everything to be possible, we all have to unite. When I become a Member of Parliament, I need everybody on board who can help me so everything will be successful in Ayawaso West Constituency. So, I’m not here to fail, I’m here to serve the people; I’m here to represent the youth especially, in Ayawaso West Constituency.”

John Dumelo is one of Ghana’s entertainers who has taken the mantle to be voted for to represent the people of Ayawaso WestWugon Constituency.

He came up against Lydia Alhassan who is the incumbent Member of Parliament and a candidate of the New Patriotic party. 


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