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My love for Akufo-Addo has increased – Bibi Bright



My love for Akufo-Addo has increased – Bibi Bright

JUST as many people are praising President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for his effective ways in fighting the deadly Coronavirus, Ghanaian actress Bibi Bright says the love she has for Nana Addo has increased to a 100 per cent.

“It takes a bold President to take the decisions he has taken in fighting this deadly virus. To pay water bills for every Ghanaian for three months is no joke. Just look at the drastic measures he took in fighting the virus.

“Giving soft loans to businesses and making sure everyone is comfortable is just overwhelming. Everyone is praising him because he is a good President and cares about his people,” she told Graphic Showbiz recently.

According to Bibi Bright, she is not praising the President because she is a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) but truth be told, Nana Addo has proven that he is the best President and will do anything to protect his people.

To Bibi Bright, who believes Nana Addo will win again when we go for elections this year, the things the President has done during his four-year tenure are enough for everyone to know that he is the best President.

“If we have Nigerians and other African countries praising Nana Addo for his good efforts to take this country to the next level, then it means he is doing something right and it is about time we all rallied behind him and gave him the support he needs to rule this country,” she said.

According to Bibi Bright, although we are in trying times and she wished everything would come back to normal so that we could all live our normal lives, it was better we obeyed the directives from the President.

“He said we should stay home while the authorities fight this pandemic and I will plead with Ghanaians to obey that. We are all trying to fight this virus and stand together again because it is not easy to stay home, lose money by not attending to your businesses and other engagements,” she stated.

On how she is coping with the lockdown, Bibi Bright said it had become necessary for everyone to stay alive and be careful, especially those who had large families.

“I have four children and a husband. Can you imagine if anyone of us contracts the deadly virus? The best thing is to stay home and obey what the government says,” she said.

Bibi Bright and her team recently reached out to the needy and provided food for them. She explained that that was her way of helping the needy. She thanked everyone, including the police, who was there to support.

Talking about movies, Bibi said she had featured in some movies and was producing other movies but she had had to put all on hold and she was hopeful that everything would be calm for her to continue.

“This is not the best time to shoot movies or engage in other works related to acting. Everyone is trying his or her best to stay alive and when everything normalises, we will bounce back. For now everything is on hold,” she said.

source: Graphic ShowBiz

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