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10 punishments from Ghanaian parents 90’s kids can relate to



10 punishments from Ghanaian parents 90’s kids can relate to

From eating cassava and soup because you did not pound the fufu, to enema, here are some ways Ghanaian parents used to punish their children back in the days.

Disciplining a child in Ghana has gone through a lot of transformations.

Discipline isn’t just about giving children consequences, instead, it ensures children are gaining the skills they need to become responsible adults.

There are many types of discipline and various approaches to parenting. But ultimately, regardless of the type of discipline a parent uses, discipline offers kids many benefits.

The Bible says in Proverbs 13:24 that “Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.”

Discipline is not abuse, contrary, it is a necessary approach for good upbringing.

If you are born in the 90’s, there were various punishments you might have incurred either from your parents or elder siblings. Sometimes, other older people in the community who were necesarily not your parents could punish you.

Hilariously, I remember when I, among other young friends were made to sweep under a mango tree because we went plugging the mangoes without permission.

Seeming as punishments, you can still tell these disciplinary measures have proven to be effective as we grew up.

Here, then, are some punishments from Ghanaian parents 90’s kids can relate to. Tell me about yours.

  1. Eating cassava and soup because you didn’t come home to pound the fufu.
  2. Enema (the process of injecting fluid into the lower bowel by way of the rectum).
  3. Slashing your school upkeep money
  4. Washing your own clothes for being too dirty as a kid.
  5. Putting your bedsheets around you in public if you urinate on the bed
  6. Caning
  7. Not being allowed out of the house to go play
  8. Kneeling in a corner of the house.
  9. Not allowing you to watch television.
  10. Not being allowed to receive visitors because you did something wrong.


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