A more deadly virus will appear after coronavirus – Owusu Bempah

A more deadly virus will appear after coronavirus – Owusu Bempah

Founder and general overseer of the Glorious Word Power Ministries International, Rev.Isaac Owusu Bempah has revealed that another virus, much scarier than coronavirus will soon erupt.

According to him, that particular virus will kill a great number of people than coronavirus ever did.

“Another virus will appear after coronavirus has left. It will be more deadly and kill a great number of people. It will be dangerous to the extent that even if you are in your room, you will hide under the bed. There will be no cure or vaccine for that particular virus,” he established.

Stressing on the fact that we are in the end times, he stated that the human race will never experience peace again until the world comes to an end.

“Where the world has gotten to, there will be nothing like peace again. We have entered into the period of end times. No amount of prayer can stop either coronavirus or any other plague from happening to the human race,” he added.

Mr. Owusu Bempah said it will get to a point where all religions will unite and fall under one leader.

“A time will come where all nations and religion will fall under one system. We will get one president who will rule the world. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Khrishna, and so on will all become one and be ruled by one leader. There will be the antichrist who will rule politically and one will rule over the religions,” he said

He said that leader will find then find the vaccine but will give it out under very strict conditions.

“One person or system will get a vaccine for the virus but if you don’t humble yourself and abide by their conditions, you won’t get some,” he stated

source: ghanaweb.com

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