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Funnyface cries and spits fire “IS A WAR ZONE ” for the first time(+Video)



Funnyface cries and spits fire “IS A WAR ZONE ” for the first time(+Video)

Funnyface is still in a war zone with lilwin,kalybos,bismark and sandra clearly after spitting fire with a lost voice and crying for the first time.

He explained a similar incident happened with his first girl friend but because of the twins (ELLA AND BELLA) he needs to ensure his home is not broken.

The video definitely suggest that his house is not in order; Trying to relate the other celebrity beef and his home means there are leakages of massive information that the world is yet to hear.

Meanwhile, he confirmed that lilwin, sandra ababio, kalybos and mismark are all quiet ever since he started to beef them.

Well, the voices will only give him green light to give the public secrets about them so funny believes their silence is in their own interest

In a post sighted by, he wrote

IS A WAR ZONE 😡✊.. be men and stop being school girls … Just say “ FIIM FIIM “ if u no get data I go bundle 10 years give u .. fake niggas .. LIL WIN are u not da one who is always in a rush to do video to reply me .. Kwasiaaaa .. like u will see .. siaaa lyk dat .. SANDRA ABABIO .. why are u quite ? Do a video and let’s see .. ofli girl lyk u Zz with dirty stinking secret coming to tarnish my image .. ofuiii tis3 wo .. why are u all quite .. u Dey fear to let da public know da real u ? .. just say “ FIIM FIMM “. Den u will understand da real meaning .. Bismark the joke and Kalybos .. u turn women ? Talk and see .. poor arrogant fools .. models on social media .. nduiiiiii 😡18m”



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