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Kwesi Arthur’s breakdown of “Grind Day” leaves M.anifest in shock



Kwesi Arthur’s breakdown of “Grind Day” leaves M.anifest in shock

M.anifest is shocked at Kwesi Arthur’s breakdown of his breakthrough song, “Grind Day”.

The hip-hop song which was released in 2016 put the Tema-based artiste into the limelight but the remix which features Sarkodie and Medikal gave the rapper a major career boost.

The song has been reviewed by many experts but Kwesi Arthur found some time today to break it down on his Twitter page.

His breakdown was triggered by a Twitter user who suggested that the song titled be changed to “Grind Week” considering the context of the award-winning record.

“Lots of experts agree that Grind Day, written by Prof. Arthur, should have been titled Grind Week. The logic behind this is that the song, made popular by Arthur’s empathetic lyrics, refers to grinding through a week. It does not allude to a specific day. In this essay I will,” the Twitter user said.

But in an unexpected response, Kwesi Arthur shared the breakdown of the song, leaving Twitter users, including rapper M.anifest, in shock.

Kwesi Arthur wrote: “In depth analysis into the subtext of the song, will in fact reveal that emphasis on the everyday, was a statement to broaden the interpretation of ‘day’.

“It appears that in his critical assessment of the working week, ‘Kwesi’ was unable to specify which day a majority of the population partake in the said activity of ‘grinding’.

“Hence, why he proceeded to mention every other day of the week, as to not isolate members of his audience.”

This left many in shock including M.anifest who was clearly short of words: “Ei. What’s going on here.”


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