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Flashback: Are you your own woman? – Delay asks Joyce Blessing



Flashback: Are you your own woman? – Delay asks Joyce Blessing

Two years ago, Delay hosted Joyce Blessing on her popular TV show.

During the interview, the TV presenter paused to find out why Joyce Blessing’s husband who doubles as her manager, placed her under strict supervision.

According to Delay, Joyce Blessing’s husband receives all her phone calls and goes through her messages.

She also alleged that Joyce Blessing’s husband never allows the gospel singer a breathing space.

“Are you your own woman? Because anytime I call, your husband picks up. Even your personal line, he picks up. Even as this interview is going on, your husband is all over this place. He is all up in our faces. Why? He moves from my cameraman to my producer and I don’t even know what he wants” Delay asked.

Controversies surrounding the “Delay-Joyce Blessing” interview

Joyce Blessing revealed that Delay, had evil intentions against her after that particular interview.

She accused Delay of editing the interview to suit her “evil intentions” to destroy her music career.

She also stated that Delay drove everybody out including her husband. As a result, the interview, according to Joyce Blessing, came to an abrupt end.


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