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Coronavirus: Marriages are collapsing – Labour expert claims



Coronavirus: Marriages are collapsing – Labour expert claims

Many marriages have hit the snag because the bread winners have lost their jobs and can longer fend for the family, a labour expert and former Employment Minister under former President John Jerry Rawlings had said.

According to Austin Gamey, the problem has arisen because the men who per the local tradition finance the family can longer do so because they have lost their jobs or they’re no longer making money to do so.

Speaking on a local television station monitored by, Mr. Gamey said “Now there is a demand from the man to provide and he’s unable to provide because he doesn’t go to work, and so the woman is selling a bit of ice water along the road and is now the bread winner and wants to dictate; maybe she doesn’t want to dictate but want the narrative change and the man is not use to that, and so it has become an issue.”

“I have a number of issues that have been brought to me now and I’m seeking to help them resolve them. We have capacity to do so, we will be to address some of them. I don’t know who else will help them and so it’s a major major issue”, he pointed out

Additionally, he said: “Labour related issues had also become one of it. In all these things, marriages are now on the line, friends are no longer talking and is a major issue. I have a lot of them on my table.”

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organisations to revise their budgets and keep skeletal staff, leaving many employees to stay at home with half income or in some cases nothing at all.


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