John Dumelo shares the biggest challenge he has faced as an actor

John Dumelo shares the biggest challenge he has faced as an actor

Ghanaian businessman and philanthropist, John Dumelo, has opened up about his biggest challenge since he took the decision to go into full-time acting.

In an interview with YFM’s Rev. Erskine on the Y-Leaderboard Series, John confessed that his biggest challenge was being accepted as an actor because back then, acting was not much of a respected job.

“Back then, it’s not like now that when you’re a musician, you’re respected or a fashion designer and you’re respected or you’re into all these unconventional professions”, he said.

Sharing a scenario of what he had to go through to follow his passion, he said, “After completing KNUST, I remember so well I was doing my National Service at a real estate company and I was shuffling between that and doing the Caesar’s palace show on TV3.

“I used to do it at midnight 12-1, and then again in the afternoon from 1:30-2:30 so I was shuffling between both. One day, I told the manager that this is the acting gig I want to do, so he agreed that I could combine both but after National Service, I just went straight into full-time acting”.

According to John Dumelo, although it was hectic combining both, Caesar’s Palace show propelled him in terms of visibility on TV, hence, it was quite a good turn for him.


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