People who hadn’t called me before called to verify ‘my death’; put me on statuses – Victoria Mensah in video

People who hadn’t called me before called to verify ‘my death’; put me on statuses – Victoria Mensah in video

Victoria Mensah, a Kumawwod actress reported to have died in a car crash has rubbished the reports

She revealed that many people mistook her for a lady who resembled her and also bore the same name

The actress bemoaned the way even her friends reacted to the news of her reported demise

She called on people to cherish the living and support them before they die

A popular Kumawood actress, Victoria Mensah, who was reported to have lost her life through a car crash has opened up about how many people reacted to news of her reported death.

She said she received countless calls from many people and even strangers who called on to hear her voice on the phone.

The popular Bono actress and comedian indicated that just like in the case of the late Bishop Bernard Nyarko, she received calls and many messages of sorrow and sadness from people she had not heard from for over 15 years.

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Victoria Mensah said she was still surprised that all of these people even still had her phone number. According to her, some of the people who called her asked her of her whereabouts so they could come see her right away just to be sure was not a ghost.

She went on to add that she had a lot of good content on social media but many people did not show support only to reach out to her over the news of her demise.

In describing how she felt over the reactions that she was receiving, Victoria Mensah said she was now fully convinced that friends loved the dead more than the living. Forward to 8:09th minute to her what she said about the reactions to false report:

She urged fans and loved ones to help one another while they are alive and not come and only commiserate with bereaved families when they hear news of one’s demise. earlier reported that a Kumawood actress known as Victoria Fosua had been reportedly killed in a road accident on Saturday, May 16, 2020.

Speaking in a Facebook Live video on her page, Bono Hemaa who appeared troubled by the news showed all her fans that she was very much alive.

She said she had been receiving countless calls from friends, loved ones and even strangers who called to verify the news.


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