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“I’m prepared” to be Mahama’s running mate – Alex Mould



“I’m prepared” to be Mahama’s running mate – Alex Mould

Former CEO of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), Mr Alex Mould, has said he is ready and prepared to be former President John Mahama’s running mate for the 2020 general elections.

The flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is yet to choose his running mate.

Speaking about the running mate position on Monday, 18 May 2020, Mr Mould said: “I am working with my party and any position my party wants me to help them in, I’m prepared to do that”.

He continued: “I’ve worked with them from the transition team in 2009 to working at the ministry with the minister, at NPA, GNPC. I’m working with the party for us to develop our structures, develop our organisation, make it more fit-for-purpose and ready for the election and that is what my job is, so, any role the party deems fit based on my skillset and my background, I’m prepared to assist in it, including the vice-presidential slot”.

He added: “I think there is a process that goes into it”, noting: “The flag bearer has to work with the Functional Executives of the party in consultation with the elders and come up with the criteria. If they call me and nominate me and I pass the criteria, I definitely will accept it.”

“First and foremost, you have to look at what the flag bearer is looking for: somebody he can trust, somebody who can be his confidante, somebody who can assist him in various areas, complement him and also take leadership in certain areas”, the told Accra-based Joy News.


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