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You need your head checked – Portia Freelove tells Counselor Lutterodt



You need your head checked – Portia Freelove tells Counselor Lutterodt

Up-and-coming actress Portia Freelove has told Counsellor Lutterodt to go and have his head examined after he claimed that finding love on TV was glorified prostitution.

Portia Freelove who is a contestant on TV3’s “Date Rush” show and was rejected by a guy who said he didn’t have feelings for any of the women on the show, chastised Counselor Lutterodt who had referred to the ladies on the show as prostitutes in an earlier interview.

Freelove, who was obviously upset by Counselor Lutterodt’s utterances blurted out that he needed to be checked because it is clear he has a mental disorder.

He told Lutterodt that women have choices and it is up to them to choose whichever avenue they deem fit to find love, television and date shows included.

She was of the view that going on the show as a woman doesn’t in any way portray prostitution since they were not selling their bodies on set.

She angrily told Lutterodt to get with the program and stay woke because women have evolved and things are not the same as it used to be


Counselor Lutterodt had described television programs that openly allow people to search for suitors as a means of practicing prostitution.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, he said the fact that these participants hurriedly hook up without taking time to study themselves depicts such shows as a prostitution platform.

“You meet a guy on TV and they give you the things you can ask the guy, all of a sudden on TV you ask the guy and he says I like you, what are the things you know about the person?”

“I think that it is prostitution glorified if you ask me. That we are glorifying prostitution but using other mediums to invite people to practice ‘ashawo in disguise,’ he said.

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