I got my 2 pump action guns from a policeman – Ofankor landlord who murdered tenant

I got my 2 pump action guns from a policeman – Ofankor landlord who murdered tenant

Victor Stephen Kankan, the 38-year-old landlord at Ofankor who shot and killed his tenant, Spark Benjamine has revealed that he possessed his two pump action guns with the help of a policeman at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at the Mamprobi police station.

According to the landlord, he was robbed in 2008, that influenced his decision to go for the guns to protect himself and his properties from robbers.

“I got the guns from a policeman called Mr. Kalani, he is the Head of CID department here in Accra, he gave me the weapons at Mamprobi police station, due to the fact that people came to rob our house in 2008, and we asked for protection,” he said.

He made the statement in an interrogation with the police about his crime, which was covered by UTV.

The landlord further revealed that he is currently a real estate developer and had started working at an early age in London.

“I started my business at the age of 14 in London. The first building I occupied was at the age of 17 … I am a Real Estate Developer. In London, it’s not like Ghana here, there are lots of opportunities, I was in school and I was doing business. I have always been working, always been in business … You are always allowed to do some type of work. You can do cleaning work,” he said.

The policeman interrogating him further probed into his work history and asked whether he was involved in cyber crime to which he denied.

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