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Lil Win apologises to former Cocobod CEO for defaming him



Lil Win apologises to former Cocobod CEO for defaming him

Renowned Ghanaian actor, Lil Win has apologized profusely to former CEO of Cocobod, Dr Stephen Opuni, for defaming him on his popular TV show ‘Don’t Think Far News’ on Adom TV.

Lil Win known in private life as Kojo Nkansah on 24th March 2018 showed numerous metal boxes in rooms which were filled to the brim with US$100 bundles. Without any evidence, the actor cum TV host stated as a fact that the metal boxes filled with the notes were found in the house of Dr Opuni.

He further alleged that Dr Opuni stole the money which he had filled in rooms, predicting jail term for Dr Opuni.

“One individual has packed all this money in his room and is spending it, building big houses while our roads are in deplorable states and we’re experiencing instability in our energy sector. God is our helper,” Lil Win said in Twi.

He went further to suggest that Dr Opuni used part of the money to construct a plush tomb where his later mother was buried.

The actor was subsequently sued by Dr Opuni together with the Multimedia Group Limited (MGL), owners of Adom TV, for GHC10million for defaming him.

But as the case progresses in court, the Multimedia Group as well as Lil Win beat a retreat, retracted the defamatory comments and pleaded for out of court settlement.

As a result, Lil Win has rendered an unqualified apology to Dr Stephen Opuni for those disparaging comments he made on the show.

He stated that claims he made about the boxes of money and how his mother’s tomb was financed were all “false” and therefore asked Dr Opuni to forgive him for any pain or injury caused him by those pronouncements.

“Papa forgive us our sins and forgive all those who were part. We know you are a child of God and will give us the needed hearing, God bless you,” Lil Win prayed.

The apology has been aired on Adom TV, but it is not clear if it would be accepted by Dr Stephen Opuni.

Lilywin apologises to former COCOBOD Boss, Dr Opuni for defaming him on ‘Don’t Think Far News’— Isaac Essel (@IsaacEssel) June 5, 2020

Source: 3 News

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