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Only impotent men can manage female artistes – Bulldog insists



Only impotent men can manage female artistes – Bulldog insists

Manager of Shatta Wale, Bulldog born Lawrence Nana Asiamah-Hanson, insists that only impotent men who can manage female artistes and get the best out of them.

There has been a raging controversy on whether or not if it is possible to manage a female artiste without sleeping with her as was the case between eShun and Manager Stephen Mensah

Bulldog has on several occasions insisted that it’s imperative for an artiste manager to be sleeping with his artiste before he can manage the female artiste very well.

To him, men who are managing female artistes and are not sleeping with them are just impotent hence their inability to sleep with their artistes.

He said which making a submission on UTV that “as a manager, if you’re not sleeping with the female artiste you are managing then you’re impotent. You may have to call the artiste as at 3am for work to go on so if she’s sleeping with another man by that time, how will you deal with her?”.

Bulldog said knowing women and their mood swings, it’s sometimes only her boyfriend who can calm her and get her to do things so it’s better to sleep with your female artiste so when she gets off you will able to play that boyfriend role to calm her down.


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