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Ghanaians have adopted the ‘Jesus syndrome’ too much! – Reggie Rockstone



Ghanaians have adopted the ‘Jesus syndrome’ too much! – Reggie Rockstone

Veteran Ghanaian rapper, Reggie Rockstone has blasted Ghanaians for their apathy and lack of support towards music arts in the country.

According to Reggie Rockstone, affectionately called ”grandpapa of Hiplife”, many Ghanaian music lovers tend not to appreciate their own music talents and rather hail Nigerian musicians over Ghanaian musicians.

Dancehall artistes Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy have had beautiful collaborations with great foreign music talents like American music superstars Beyonce and Keri Hilson respectively, but it appears they’re not getting the buzz they expect from music lovers in the country.

Stonebwoy, in particular, has had to go an extra mile to promote his sound tracks.

The enthusiasm surrounding the work that these musicians and others in the country have done is not as profound as the euphoria that accompanies Nigerian arts.

Recently, there were talks about Nigerian music star Davido to feature American rapper Nicki Minaj and as expected, a lot of Ghanaian music lovers didn’t disappoint at all as they used their social media platforms to throw a spotlight on the collaboration, sending their congratulatory messages.

The exuberance to which the country’s music fanatics give to Nigerian music is one of the headaches of Hiplife legend, Reggie Rockstone.

Juxtaposing the interest and support of Ghanaian music lovers towards local music and Nigerian music, Reggie Rockstone wasn’t impressed by the attitude of Ghanaians.

He believes Ghanaians are an epitome of the biblical quote ”a prophet has no honor in his own country”.

Reggie Rockstone, speaking in an interview with, called on Ghanaians to show a higher level of patriotism for Ghana’s music industry by patronizing and pushing the brand and works of the country’s musicians.

”Ghanaians have adopted the Jesus syndrome a little bit too much…With Nigeria, Nigeria has a serious level of patriotism. Their level of patriotism is unrivaled. Look, let me give you an example. A few years ago, if you spoke about Nigeria, it was about 419. It was synonymous with 419 but look at what Afro Beats did. It’s done a PR job for them. Now, when you mention Nigeria, they’re talking about Afro Beats…So, Ghanaians are what we call in New York; dick riders!…They’re not gonna do for themselves but they wanna talk about the next person”, he stressed.

Watch his full interview below:

Source: Peace FM

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