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Rape allegations: I’ve amicably resolved my feud with Prophet Nigel Gaisie – Mzbel



Rape allegations: I’ve amicably resolved my feud with Prophet Nigel Gaisie – Mzbel

Veteran female songstress, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah popularly known as Mzbel has revealed that she has amicably resolved her problems with Prophet Nigel Gaisie and all now belongs to the past.

There were reports suggesting the musician and businesswoman has allegedly been raped by the Man of God and in her attempt to make the matter public some bigwigs within the National Democratic Congress (NDC) intervened and opted it should be solved amicably.

But she sternly cautioned those who are pointing fingers at her as the celebrity who Kennedy Agyapong alleged to have been raped by Prophet Nigel Gaisie.

She revealed that she doesn’t believe in the mantra that the wheels of justice grind slowly, therefore, she won’t resort to court action but rather resort to a local deity in Jamestown to invoke curses on her accusers.

The torch blazing crusade against fake prophets currently being pursued by Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has taken an interesting twist as he alleged among other issues that Prophet Nigel Gaisie raped a popular female celebrity and paid huge sums of money to settle the matter amicably.

In a video interview of her bathing on her Facebook page monitored by, Mzbel conceded that she was involved in a criminal assault case on her by Prophet Nigel Gaisie but she has settled the matter amicably and so wouldn’t like to revisit the issue.

She recounted that she was baffled and traumatized by the criminal act done on her by Prophet Nigel Gaisie as a popular female celebrity and wondered what he has been doing to voiceless females who suffer in silence.

“What Prophet Nigel did to me was a serious crime and I was upset but it has been resolved so I don’t want to talk about it, but I will not doubt what Kennedy Agyepong is saying; I’m aware of some of them and I have had my share”.

However, she denied profusely being the lady who Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has mentioned in his exposé to be the rape victim of the ‘man of God’ but should anyone accuse her she would seek redress from the lesser gods who dispatch justice in a fast track manner.

She fumed “I decided to visit a local deity to invoke curses on that blogger called Akosua Boatemaa but I was advised to exercise some restraints. Resorting to the courts takes forever and they know it. Our justice system here doesn’t really work unless you have some serious connection with those in government.

“If not so your case will continue to be adjourned until you lose interest in the whole saga. But as for invoking curses it works, at least within 7-9 days, it will start manifesting.

“However, I will not curse my accusers to die but the false accusations and name tarnishing should go back to the sender. The anger I expressed on social media to curse the person has made some elderly people advise me to stop it for now.

“I have been accused falsely for too long but whenever I take the issues to court it doesn’t seem to be fair so I have decided not to resort to courts again. I have seen people invoke curses on someone in Jamestown which works quicker and cheaper.

“If you go to Naa Ayele to invoke a curse on someone you’ll just pay ¢10 and it works faster. My image has been tarnished for long so going forward I just want to use one person as an example so that other bloggers will learn from it”.

Source: My News GH

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