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Ibrah One has a medical condition, ignore his posts – Elder brother



Ibrah One has a medical condition, ignore his posts – Elder brother

The family of socialite Ibrahim Dauda (popularly known as Ibrah One) have entreated the public to disregard his outrageous social media posts because he is suffering from a medical condition.

Speaking on Accra-based Oman FM Thursday night, June 18, 2020, the elder brother of Ibrah One, who only identified himself as Abass said, “Ibrah has a condition and needs everybody’s help.”

He, said the junior brother has been suffering from depression since 2018.

“Anytime he writes about somebody on social media, people should ignore,” he said, adding “He is my little brother; anything he writes about me doesn’t move me, I am who I am.”

He said although the family was not saying Ibrah has a mental problem, it was more concerned about the things he writes about people and the situation his writings put people through.

“We are not saying that Ibrah is mad; we are saying he has a condition,” Abass noted, pointing out that the said condition was like “malaria or typhoid.”

According to him, his younger brother has been writing about him (Abass) for about two years but he was not bothered about those write-ups.

“He has been writing about me for two years. He is my younger brother. But you know he has a condition and that condition can happen to anybody. It’s like malaria, typhoid, and all those things. It’s not something he called for. It’s not something we have to forsake him for,” he pleaded with the public to sympathise with the family.

He added “He is our brother, he has a condition and needs our help. Instead of attacking him, he needs support— not financial support; because financially, we are not rich but we are okay. We can take care of all the financial expenses but he needs prayers.”

Abass said Ibrah’s write-ups on Assin Central Member of Parliament, Kennedy Agyapong and President Akufo-Addo was not political because he was moved by his condition to write those things.

“Once we know as Ghanaians that he has a condition and sometimes he writes things he is not supposed to write, things he is not supposed to say; when we look at it from that lens, we should be able to understand and maybe sympathise with him when he writes those things,” Abass admonished the public.

He explained that his junior brother was into the forex business and he started having issues with his business and that has affected him and pushed him into depression.

Agyapong threatens to expose Ibrah

The retreat comes a day after Assin Central MP Kennedy Agyapong threatened to expose Ibrah One and accused him of allegedly being involved in fraudulent and money laundering activities with his Forex Bureau.

Ibrah drew Mr Agyapong’s ire after he used his social media handles to demand an apology from the MP over verbal attacks on some personalities in the country.

The controversial legislator said Ibrah One was not only involved in illegal transactions but was also using cars that had not been properly cleared by Customs.

He issued a 48-hour ultimatum to cause Ibrah’s arrest in a broadcast on Net2 Television.


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