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I blocked my father because he’s NPP – Mzbel



I blocked my father because he’s NPP – Mzbel

Musician, Mzbel born Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah has said she she blocked her father on Whatsapp because he’s a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to her, her father asked that she stops sending her broadcast messages of the NDC’s achievements and plans for Ghana if they are voted to power on December 7.

This was so because he was not enthused about the messages and warned her to stop sending him such messages because he hates them.

Mzbel shocked by her father’s position said if she will stop broadcasting the messages to him, then she will have to block him on Whatsapp

He agreed to be blocked if only the NDC messages will stop coming to his phone.

Mzbel indicated that she was born into NDC because she was born in James Town where everyone there is NDC.

She said the love for NDC is above all things and therefore, she agreed to block her father so he does not receive messages from her.

“I’ve blocked my father because he asked me to block him so he does not receive the NDC messages I broadcast. I never knew my father was NPP until he asked me to stop sending him NDC messages. I told him I can only stop If I block him and he agreed that I block him,” she said Citi TV’s UpsideDown show.


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