Ghana’s COVID-19 load hits 32,969 with 29,494 recoveries

Ghana’s COVID-19 load hits 32,969 with 29,494 recoveries

Ghana’s COVID-19 caseload has hit 32,969, President Nana Akufo-Addo has said.

In his Sunday address to the nation on the COVID-19 situation, the President said: “At first glance, it is alarming to see that thirty-two thousand, nine hundred and sixty-nine (32,969) people have so far contracted the virus”.

“But a closer look at the data will tell you that we are steadily on the path towards limiting and containing the virus, and, ultimately, defeating it. The figure to look out for is the number of active cases”, he said.

“When I delivered Update No. 13, the number of active cases in the country, i.e. those who, as at 27th June 2020, had the virus, stood at four thousand, two hundred and forty-five (4,245).

“As at midnight of 24th July, nearly a month later, the number of active cases in Ghana stands at three thousand, three hundred and seven (3,307).

“Again, a month ago, the number of recoveries stood at twelve thousand, nine hundred and ninety-four (12,994).

“Today, it is twenty-nine thousand, four hundred and ninety-four (29,494). This means our recovery rate has improved from seventy-five per cent (75%) of positives, a month ago, to eighty-nine point five per cent (89.5%), all in one month currently”, he noted.

According to the President, “our hospitalisation and death rates have, consistently, been very low, some of the lowest in Africa and in the world”.

“The Ghanaian people, mercifully, are not dying of the virus in the hundreds and thousands that were earlier anticipated and predicted, and that are being seen on a daily basis in some other countries”.

The behaviour of the virus, he said, “has baffled the experts and defied most predictions, but five months on, we can say that we are witnessing a much milder manifestation of the virus in the country, than was initially feared”.

“The rate of virus-related deaths has remained, persistently, low at 0.5% of confirmed cases”.

“And, I dare say, it is the grace of God and the measures taken by your government, with your support, that have produced this result. It is also, importantly, due to the immense dedication and hard work being exhibited by our healthcare workers, who continue to care for those affected by the virus, and for the sick in general, and to whom we continue to remain indebted”.

“I must mention at this stage the completion and handing over on Friday of the 100-bed Ghana Infectious Diseases Centre at the Ga East Municipal Hospital. This is a world-class facility, which serves as an example of co-operation between the public and private sectors in our country. The project was conceived and executed by a group of private sector people, with the wholehearted support of Government and the Ghana Armed Forces.”


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