No actor or actress makes money only from acting in Ghana – KSM

No actor or actress makes money only from acting in Ghana – KSM

Legendary Ghanaian entertainer and host of the KSM Show, Kwaku Sintim-Misa has said no actor or actress can make a fortune from acting alone in Ghana.

According to KSM, any actor or actress who claims to have made money from only acting in the country is deceiving Ghanaians.

He argued that acting in Ghana doesn’t generate lots of money, hence disclosing the actors/actress have a side job that they rely on to better their lives.

To him, to survive solely from acting is an impossible mission.

“When I see people in Ghana who say I am a professional actor or actress, that’s all I do; I say in your dreams man. And survive in Ghana? That all you’re doing is to act, no; It’s not possible! No way and that’s the only income is from acting in Ghana, no way”

It could be recalled that veteran actor, Kofi Adjorlolo some months ago accused some movie producers of owing him because they had failed to pay him for acting in their movies.

Kofi Adjorlolo shed tears on Peace FM’s entertainment programme dubbed ”Entertainment Review” and threatened to take action against them if they refuse to give him his money.

Following Adjorlolo’s revelations, actor cum fashion designer, Elikem Kumordzie also argued that his colleagues are near broke because they don’t have a side job but depend solely on the income they make from their acting careers.

KSM, speaking in an interview with, sided with Elikem Kumordzie, saying”I am saying they do other things to make their money and they use that money to support their acting career [you know]. But I don’t know of anyone who has, only on acting, to say I will be counted among the rich people in Ghana because all I do is an act; no” he said .

The veteran comedian added that Ghanaian actors and actresses who have enriched themselves primarily through acting derived their riches from penetrating the Nigerian market.

“Most of the Ghanaian actors who made quite a good amount of money from acting, you’ll realize they were in Nigeria. They did lots of work with Nigeria or they had the Nigerian connection and that’s where most of them made good money and there, money can be made.”

“But in Ghana, to say you’re purely living, born, bred and you’re acting in Ghana and that you have cash; oh please! Who’s paying you?

Source: Peace FM

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