I have only 40 days left – Lady recounts how she was used for money rituals [+Video]

I have only 40 days left – Lady recounts how she was used for money rituals [+Video]

Ghanaian lady simply identified as Akua Afriyie has in a recent interview narrated her sad story on how her Nigerian boyfriend used her for money rituals.

In her heart wrenching story that will surely bring tears to your eyes, she narrates how herself together with her mother had to beg to eat.

Speaking in an interview with SVTV, the beautiful young lady indicated she comes from a very poor family and as such has been depending on men for survival since she was very young.

The lady, chronicling her hardship in life said that at a very tender age, she started to feel the bitter side of life when herself together with her mum had to beg from people they hardly knew to eat.

Prior to her going back to her biological mother, she was living with her father ( A driver who seldom stayed in the house) and her step-mother.

According to the lady in her narration, her step-mother on countless times maltreated her when the father was not around thus when he(father) goes on an expedition to work.

Life indeed became very unbearable for her at that young age to a point she had to do men’s job to fend for herself and that of her mother. All these while they lived in an uncompleted building.

Fast forwarding, the lady stated that at a point in her life she decided to move away from her mother, she came to Accra to hustle so as to go back and cater for her family with the little she gets.

She eventually met a Nigerian guy who could provide all her needs including taking care of her mother and siblings. Good news right? Wait and read on…

According to her, things didn’t go well for her after meeting her Nigerian boo. Akua said a strange fluid and sometimes bloody discharge comes out of her private part anytime they have intercourse.

Upon doing her own investigations, she found out that she had been used as a sacrificial lamb by her boyfriend for money rituals.

Watch the video below :

source: atinkanews.net

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