Yvonne Nelson fingers Gloria Safo as an industry hater

Yvonne Nelson fingers Gloria Safo as an industry hater

Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Yvonne Nelson has finally named one of the actresses in a move to expose the hatred and jealousy that exists in the entertainment space.

The actress made this name known in a thread of Tweets pouring out her frustration on how she has been supporting the industry but she doesn’t get similar support during her project.

She noted that if not for anything, she has worked at introducing several new faces onto the movie scene and has always supported the works of industry colleagues.

The actress recalled how she was not supported by her colleagues when she was banned for one year from acting as she claims that none of her colleagues showed her love neither did they support her through the trying times in 2010.

Her outburst was over claims by Gloria Safo that she [Yvonne Nelson] is not supportive but complains about others not supporting her.

“Gloria Safo, I just sent you a DM, you say most of you had this impression about me, which of you people supported me during my BAN in 2010, ahaaa…your hate didn’t start today. I even promote producers who owe me money.”

“With the whole industry! Most hate me anyways. I learnt the hard way and started my own productions. Stop sounding bitter, learn to love, just because you haven’t seen your movie on my page doesn’t mean i don’t support people.”

Touting her contribution to the industry, she said “I have introduced over 50 new faces through my productions.After premieres, events i delete various posts, alot of celebs do that. And just note, IG isnt the only social media platform. Im more active on twitter i promote people i dont even know.”

“You can take your time and go through my twitter/facebook, i know y’all cant stand me. Ive known since i started acting charley. I hear all the stuff said behind my back, y’all see me and smile with me. I know you all. And oh, if its about casting you, dont wait for me/producers. You can be your own producer too, try it, you’ll understand. Didnt even mention actors, read my tweets again. Instagram isnt the only social media platform madam.”

Source: My News GH

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