Akuapem Poloo entangled in sex tape scandal; Social media reacts

Akuapem Poloo entangled in sex tape scandal; Social media reacts

Bedroom video of the Ghanaian actress has hit the web after a lady on social media, named as Naana Brown, has come out to claim that she has in her possession a sex tape of Akuapem Poloo being sodomized.

In a video seen by pulse.cp”The man banged her multiple times, left, right, centre and after that penetrated her from the back. The man finished and sent the video, I have his voice and the person he sent the video to. He said look at your Akuapem Poloo, I’ve had sex with her countless times and when she complained of pains, I penetrated her through her other side,” Naana Brown said.

Hours after her claim, a bedroom video of Akuapem Poloo has surfaced online showing her sleeping naked in bed. Checks from her old photos show the video was recorded in her bedroom and a voice very similar to hers could be heard as she speaks on the phone with her back, from her the back of her head to her toes, being filmed.

However, the video doesn’t show any sexual activity ongoing, therefore, it is unclear if it is an excerpt of the sodomy tape Naana Brown claims she has seen or someone just decided to throw this particular video into the matter to defame the actress.

Unfortunately, pulse.com.gh can not share the nude video here but it is not hard to find on social media. See tweets below for how Twitters have been reacting to this developing story which Akuapem Poloo hasn’t directly address yet.

source; pulse.com

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