My ‘amazing’ viral video was doctored – James Gardiner

My ‘amazing’ viral video was doctored – James Gardiner

Ghanaian actor, James Gardiner who co-hosted the 21st edition of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards stylized has finally broken silence on his viral “amazing” video.

In a hilarious video of the actor which popped online last month, he was captured using the word ‘amazing” 27 times as compliment to the celebs he interviewed on the red carpet during the awards night.

But according to the actor, although he goofed a little during the event they were trivial and not as serious as his critics made it appear.

During a one-on-one chit chat with Abeiku Santana, the actor slammed critics who alleged that he used the word amazing 27 times.

According to James, those assumptions are blatant lies and should be discarded. He further added that he used different vocabularies during the red carpet event.

“I used different vocabularies during the red-carpet show, but I admit it was a mistake. I goof a little on camera. I didn’t goof 27 times as claimed. Those viral videos were edited,” he said.

James Gardiner further indicated that he will make himself available if organizers of the event seek for his services in the next edition of the awards programme.


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