Salma Mumin apologises to MTN after stolen money claim

Salma Mumin apologises to MTN after stolen money claim

Actress Salma Mumin has apologised to telecommunications company MTN after accusing its staff of stealing her money.

Earlier this week, Salma Mumin, in a post on Instagram, claimed that over GHS10,000 in her MTN MoMo business account had been stolen.

She claimed that it was MTN staff behind the theft and called on the company to look into the issue.

Her post, which was deleted later, garnered a lot of support from celebrities alike many of who complained of their money being stolen from them.

However, on Friday, October 23, MTN responded to Salma’s claims saying they were false.

According to the company, in a post on Twitter, the actress’ claims were false and misleading because she did not have the said GHS10,000 in her MoMo Merchant Wallet and no money had been taken from her.

The company also asked Salma to apologise to MTN within 24 hours, stating clearly that her claims were false. They also asked that she give the apology the same prominence she gave her initial post and threatened to take legal action against her if she failed to do so.


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