My husband is married to his mum – Mother with two kids tells a shocking story

My husband is married to his mum – Mother with two kids tells a shocking story

Akua Odoma, a young lady trying and working hard to ensure that she puts body and soul together has left Ghanaians in shock with a story of how her husband has decided to spend the rest of his life with the mum.

As a woman, Akua Odoma, would have wished to settle down with her man to build a family and work on their legacy but that dream seems to be in the abyss as she has ruled out venturing into any form of the male-female relationship on mother earth.

Why this position?

Akua Odoma has two children with a man she confesses she loved with her all and would have wished they were still together.

However, the man is married to his mother and the mother-in-law in question has worked tirelessly to ensure that they are not put together as husband and wife.

Akua Odoma in an interview with SVTV monitored by said “I wish we could settle down as husband and wife but he is married to his mother. His mother said he is her husband and therefore cannot make him marry another woman.

To her, if she allows another woman to come in the way, her son will stop taking care of the family like he used to.”

Against this backdrop, Akua has decided to work to ensure that her children who live in the Central Region with her enjoy the best of everything.

For now, Akua sells honey which she delivers in and out of the Central region.

However, she’s looking at getting money to start another business venture that will fetch enough money to take good care of her two children she believes will be great in the near future.

Source: My News GH

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